Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I has begun! Fall and Winter to bring Sadness to America (and other countries)

I have received reports that the stock market sell off has begun and will continue for a while. Now dont take my word for it because if you follow the subjects I do you know the market does some crazy stuff these days.

With the coming of September "It" has begun. Of course I mean the beginning of the downfall of America. This coming month with be ripe with tension and woe. So if you're not ready: Too bad!

Retail sales fell during back to school season, which is increasingly bad for the economy. Early estimates put it at -0.1%, numbers came out today at -0.7% (Icky business that.)

Don't trust the media!

Global control of our children has continued with Disney buying Marvel Entertainment for a horribly large amount of money. Expect Super Heros to become more lovely dovey (puke)

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